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Free workshop on Mind Management 01st & 02nd Nov 2017 | India Club Jakarta
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Free workshop on Mind Management 01st & 02nd Nov 2017

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Experiential workshop on


(Based on Cellular Awakening program of Path of Divine Life)

01st and 02nd November, Jakarta (5:00 pm to 9:00 pm)


About the workshop:


The common desire of all human beings is to lead a life which is peaceful and full of joy. Everyone adopts different ways in life to attain this common goal. Yet everyone goes through their own share of suffering, challenges, anxieties and so on. This vicious cycle goes on and one day the life reaches its end. The privilege to be born as human being finishes. In these final moments, thoughts of reality strike but the opportunity is gone by the time.


With rapid increase in events happening around, stress levels are rising. Fear, anxiety, insecurity, health disorders are taking toll on quality of life. All this is affecting relationships and environment in families, society and nations.


Very effective solutions to deal with the challenges presented by life have been provided by the sages. They researched on discovering the laws of nature and code of living and compiled their experiences in the form of scriptures (Vedas, Upanishad, etc).


This workshop provides a starting point for a new dimension of life. Human body is composed of five elements. You will learn more about to the world of five elements and how they affect your day to day life. The imbalance in these elements leads to disorders. It is an experiential workshop that provides you practical experience of healing powers, you carry naturally within. You will learn process of purification and balancing of these building blocks of your personality in this workshop. The process introduced through this workshop is based on sound based breathing to activate the energy potential within. Besides health, the process also serves as a gateway for you to connect with your basic nature to unravel the unknown world of yourself and open your awareness to new levels of universal knowledge.


Ethnic Science Foundation in association with Maharshi Arvind Foundation of India is bringing this knowledge to you. This is the first time this workshop is being hosted in Indonesia.


What will participants learn from this workshop:

  • Composition of human personality
  • Mind & Intellect
  • Gross, Subtle and Causal bodies
  • Prana – Life force
  • Five elements and their affect on your personality
  • Effect of cosmic sound vibrations on mind
  • Purification process of five elements
  • Chakras and balancing of these energy enters

The practice of the 5 element process will help to:

  • Strengthen the Heart, Lungs and Circulation System
  • Improve the Immune System
  • Purify and Regenerate Cells with the cosmic power of sound vibrations
  • Develop mental durability, stability and serenity with techniques that stabilize brainwaves at Alpha level
  • Improve your overall Sleep, Mood and Energy levels
  •    Develop capacity to manage stress arising out of negativity (fear, anger)


General Instructions for Participants

  1. Keep stomach light for better learning experience. There would be breathing sessions
  2. A 15 minute break would be provided in the middle of the workshop.
  3. Language of delivery would be English.
  4. Mobile phones to be kept switched off during workshop
  5. Notebook & pen is optional.


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