About Us

Established 40 years ago on Aug. 23, 1981 , India Club Jakarta is the oldest and most prestigious non-government and non-profit making organisation for Indians in Indonesia. India Club represents Indian community at large in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta and surrounding areas. It hosts events to provide the members with an understanding and appreciation of Indian culture, literature, music, art, dance, drama and related fields.
Functioning of the club is for the benefit of Indian community and has no commercial objective.
One of the brightest feathers in its cap has been the landmark visit of Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi’s to Jakarta in 2018. Working round the clock, India Club ensured a seamless agenda of large community gathering where the entire Indian diaspora was invited. It helped further the message of collaboration and friendship between India and Indonesia.
The club is not just about organising cultural events and celebrating festivals. When the need arose, India Club expanded the scope of its responsibilities to help people. India club has always come forward and raised funds to support people in need during natural calamaties – be it in India or Indonesia. During Coronavirus Pandemic India Club came forward to support some earmarked Yayasans across the city as their primary source of revenue, contributions from patrons, had dried up. Substantial amount was also contributed to Red Cross Indonesia through Jakarta Governors office to support the local community during the pandemic.
Further, the flight mission carried out by the club ensured that many people stranded in India and Indonesia due to COVID were repatriated to their respective location. The global pandemic saw many people stranded at different locations. While some exhausted all their savings some were overstaying. India Club Jakarta in it’s capacity ensured to help as many as possible such cases by providing free accommodation, food, air tickets back to homeland, legalizing exit permits etc. The club has so far successfully carried out 3 missions directly and supporting missions carried out by other associations.
The Club and its Executive Committee look forward to going from strength to strength and ensuring that Indian diaspora in Jakarta remains safe, informed and entertained.

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