Current Executive Committee

Mrs. Shanthi Seshadri


She makes sure the club is moving in the right direction and further leads, oversees, and maintains the club’s overall organisationals culture and assists other members.

Mr. Ramesh Ramachandran

Vice President

Runs his Sourcing & Trading Company. He ensures the Club is accomplishing all its objectives & tasks to meet the overall goals. He is responsible for guiding the team in public awareness initiatives,

Mr. Siddharth Taparia

General Secretary

He is the Chief Financial Officer at Adani Global, he takes care of smooth functioning of the club by effective organisation of meetings, planning, maintaining effective records and administration.

Mr. Sankalp Jaithalia


He is typically involved in managing and reporting the club's finances. he creates a strong positive impact on the public’s trust and keeps the assurance intact in the nonprofit as a whole.

Mrs. Rachna Chellaram

Join Secretary

A boss lady, she is the Founder of staffing and recruitment services firm Talent Search Recruitment in Indonesia. She also actively takes part in the decision-making process of the club.