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India is called as “Bharat”having a century year history behind this name. But the crucial significance of Bharat is that India is a land of different states, cultures, religions, languages, and so much more. Each culture represents a deep meaning, celebration and perspective towards living.
But when all different states, traditions and people come together, we all form a unbeatable cultural epitome.

And hence, we are here to celebrate India as a whole with “Bharat ki Jhaakiyaan” that will show different cultures and traditions of India in our Rastriya Ekta week celebrations. All participants will be dressed in any particular regional attire of your choice and promote it on a ramp walk!

It’s colorful, it’s vibrant, it’s happiness spread everywhere!

Register before and be a part of an amazing event! -

#IndiaClubJakarta #IndiaClub #NationalUnityDay #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav

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